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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guides
—How To Become a Formidable Online Player

[adrotate group=”1″] Welcome to my collection of Battlefield 3 multiplayer guides!

Battlefield 3 multiplayer can be incredibly intense. To play it online can be overwhelming—especially if it’s your first time.

But do not worry. Practice, plus deeper knowledge, will make you a better player. Simple as that.

Here are the Battlefield 3 multiplayer guides:

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Are You a BF3 Newbie? Or Only Slightly Experienced?

Here’s a guide that I’ve written, with someone who is totally new to this game in mind. Players who have a bit more experience, but still are open to learn more, may also benefit from this guide:

Guide: How to Get a Good Start In Battlefield 3 Online

Aiming & Accuracy

The essence of improving your skills in the online version of this game is getting better at aiming your guns. Here are some tips you can take with you on the road to greater accuracy.

Guide: How to Get Better at Aiming in Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

A guide to squads in Battlefield 3 multiplayer

Squads, consisting of up to four players, are one of the key elements of Battlefield 3 Online. I’m not saying you cannot play well on your own, but I’m pretty sure you can perform even better when you are part of a great team. Therefore:

Guide: How to become the player everyone wants in their Squad.


Tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer

Tanks can make or break a Battlefield 3 multiplayer match. How big a role they play is ultimately about how good the players who control them are. This short series of articles will give you advice on how to use tanks in Battlefield 3 multiplayer, to give you and your tank an edge on the digital battlefield.

The first article deals with the basics of tank control. It explains why two are better than one, why it’s important that you can count to five and tells you that what goes up, also comes down.

Guide: How to win with tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer – Part 1

The second article about the tanks of Battlefield 3 explains how you can improve or enhance your tank capabilities with the help of vehicle specializations. It also gives advice on how to both protect and repair your tank, without having it stolen or getting any friendlies killed.

Guide: How to win with tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer – Part 2

The third and currently last article is about what you can do to win in tank-to-tank combat. It will also give tips on how you can take out your opponents airborne weapons with the help of your tank, plus more.

Guide: How to win with tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer – Part 3


Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Jets Tips
By Doom49 (subscribe to his YouTube channel). This video show how to land you fighter jet and what you should do to make sharp turns – good knowledge to have if you get yourself into a dogfight!

Quantic Media's Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Bootcamp Video series.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Bootcamp – Back to the Basics
By Quantic Media. Your take away: What’s on the HUD, be a mobile spawn point, how to spot opponents, and use the tools that are available for you.

WoodysGamertag's Guide to Battlefield 3 Newbies - Part 1

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Tips & Tricks for Noobs pt 1
By WoodysGamertag. Never played Battlefield games before? Watch this clip about Spawning, Class kits and idiot reviving…

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Check out my list of useful resources with info about the game (both single player and multiplayer), blogs, news sites, other multiplayer guides, YouTube channels, and forums:

Battlefield 3 Resources

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