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How to Improve Your Aiming and Accuracy in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

[adrotate group=”1″] This is the fourth installment of my series of guides to Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) multiplayer.

In the previous part, I wrote about some of the weapons in MW3 online.

Now, choosing a good weapon is only half the job. The second half is perhaps the hardest of the whole game: being accurate while using your weapon.

Aiming accurately is one of the most valuable skills in this game. It does not matter what weapons, attachments, weapon proficiencies, and perks you choose to use. If you suck at aiming, playing this game online can be a real nightmare.

Yet, even if you suck, do not despair – everything can be improved and that includes your aiming skills!

How to Increase Your Accuracy

How to aim better in MW3 multiplayer.

It all really boils down to three major factors:

  1. Settings. Changing the settings of the game can have a lot of influence on accuracy.
  2. Practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. Playing a lot while you focus on becoming better at aiming can improve your skills in a short period of time.
  3. Timing. There is a time for everything. With time you will learn when it is wise to Aim Down Sight and when you are better of firing from the hip.

The game’s settings – vibration

You can change a number of the game’s settings to improve your accuracy in multiplayer matches.

The first thing that I would suggest is that you turn off vibration.

It may be cool to feel the rumble of the controller if you are firing a round with your weapon or detonating a charge of C4.

Yet, I still would argue that the vibration is mostly a disturbing element. At worst, it can reduce you accuracy.

So, if you feel that your accuracy is poor with the vibration turned on, try to turn it off.

The game’s settings – sensitivity

Try to start with a low sensitivity.

I played with high sensitivity for several years. Initially, it worked quite well, but at some point I felt that my aiming became worse. No matter what I did, I just could not score the same K/D ratio as I used to.

So, I started searching online, looking for answers.

Most of the advice that I read was about playing with a lower sensitivity. The most radical suggestions were to set the sensitivity to 2 (on Xbox 360).

I did not go that far. I worked my way down, adjusting sensitivity one notch at a time. In the end, I left it at 3 or 4.

And it works.

My accuracy has improved quite a lot, and my K/D ratio is up again. So, if your aiming and accuracy is getting worse, or is poor to begin with – try to reduce sensitivity gradually and see if your accuracy improves.

What you win in one area, however, you lose in another.

If you lower sensitivity, some of your movements will become slower. As a consequence, it will take you longer, for example, to turn around 180 degrees if you’re attacked from behind.

The trick is to find the balance. Test different settings, like I did, to find what works best for you. Try to combine accuracy in aiming with flexibility in movement.

Placing the Sight

Try to keep your weapon’s reticle or iron sight centered on the screen as much as possible.

You will find that your overall vision is slightly reduced by this. Your weapon will take up more of your field of view. However, avoid giving in to the temptation to lower the weapon in order to see better!

What you gain by this is that your aiming will be faster.

Aiming down sight will take a bit longer if you first have to raise your gun from the bottom of the screen. Being able to taking aim fast is crucial in MW3 multiplayer.

Here is a video showing some of what I’m trying to explain. (Yep, that’s Black Ops. There is currently no similar videos for Modern Warfare 3…)

Extreme measures

Here is an extreme suggestion you can try out in order to force yourself to keep the gun’s reticle or iron sight centered on your screen: Use a marker and then draw a tiny dot in the middle of your screen (Please! Be sure that your screen can tolerate it and that it is possible to wipe away the dot after you’ve done).

This will help you getting used to holding your weapon raised to the preferred height (with the reticle in the middle of the screen).

Remove the dot once you notice that you’re raising your gun without thinking about it.

Aim Down Sight – Or Not…

To Aim Down Sight or not…

Take aim along the barrel of your weapon – Aim Down Sight, or ADS – if you are going to shoot over medium to long distances. This increases your accuracy.

On the other hand: Shoot from the hip when you are engaging an opponent in close quarter combat situations. You will most likely lose precious time if you suddenly face an opponent at close range and then try to aim down sight before you start firing.

There is also an intermediate solution. I’ve successfully tried it several times:

  • Shoot two or three short bursts from the hip once you discover your opponent.
  • Often, this will disrupt the other player.
  • Now, while you still are firing, take aim.

This will eventually increase your accuracy, allowing you to kill the other player’s character.

Increase Your Accuracy With Burst Fire

If you’ve ever continuously fired an automatic weapon in Modern Warfare 3, you learned what recoil is. The ongoing salvo makes your weapon “walk away” from your target. This effect is particularly noticeable over longer distances.

Burst Fire is a method you can use to reduce recoil. It works well over medium to long distances.

To execute Burst Fire, take the following steps:

  • Aim Down Sight – Place the reticle or the iron sight over your target.
  • Fire two to four rounds.
  • Release the trigger for a very short time.
  • Place the sight over your target again, if it has moved away from him.
  • Fire a second round of two to four bullets.
  • Repeat steps three through five until you have killed the enemy character.

The secret to success with this technique is speed. The quicker you are in releasing the trigger, adjusting your aim and then shooting again, the more dangerous you become.

In the beginning, you will probably focus a lot on the technical part of this trick.

However, once you start seeing it as a new way of firing, you will eventually find that you’re using the technique automatically.

You can also reduce recoil by selecting Kick as the weapon proficiency.

One Final Advice

Crouch if you can – and if it’s safe – while you are firing. This also improves your accuracy.

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      Dude my kdr is 3.14. This is what i do. I turn my vibrations off. Play on 3 sensivity. I use these things called fps freek which increase ur aim(cool). Play domination alot. What i do is go striaght to the B falg and pick people off and one i picked alot of people off in B flag i defend C or A flag. This is use alot by Me a MlG player and if u use this u will see improvement. Tip:never camp becuz the person 78 percent of the time will come back and kil u. Instead move aways from that stop to another close spot and catch the same guy off guard becuz he thinks u will be in the same spot.

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